Worth its Salt

At SALT Co. we create heirloom-quality hardgoods worth buying—but more importantly, we create products worth owning and worth passing to the next generation.

Creating a modern heirloom means taking a different approach. From the materials we choose to our timeless design, every decision we make is based on creating a product that will stand up to time both in strength and styling, a product that is indeed worth its salt.

Leather Weekender Duffel

A classically-styled soft-leather travel bag with an easy access computer compartment.

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Leather Satchel

A classic two-gusset satchel design reengineered as a daily carry computer bag.

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3.5″ Leather Briefcase

A minimalist semi-rigid daily-carry computer bag.

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Two Front-Pocket Leather Briefcase

Our largest carrying capacity computer bag.

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